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Debtor Finance

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance (also known as Debtor Finance) lets you unlock cash flow from unpaid invoices to support your business' growth. With facilities from $50k to $15m, Earlypay has the flexibility to find the best solution for you.
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Debtor Finance

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance, also known as debtor finance and accounts receivable finance, is a business financing solution that helps businesses to grow. This type of financing is very flexible and uses a company’s unpaid invoices as loan security, rather than real estate collateral.

Debtor finance typically acts as a line of credit and businesses can draw up to 80% or 90% of their accounts receivable ledger and the balance is repaid when customers pay the invoices.

There are broadly two main types of invoice finance:

Invoice Factoring (Debt Factoring)

For businesses that want to unlock cash from unpaid invoices and also outsource the invoice collection process.

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Invoice Discounting

For businesses that want to unlock cash from unpaid invoices and retain control of the invoice collections process.

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Pros and Cons of Invoice Finance

  • ionicons-v5-eGet the funds you need to grow your business
  • ionicons-v5-eNo need to wait for customers to settle unpaid invoices.
  • ionicons-v5-eFlexible access to funding
  • ionicons-v5-eNo periodic loan repayments that might not suit your business’ rhythm
  • ionicons-v5-eMore cost-effective than unsecured business loans
  • ionicons-v5-eUse invoices as collateral, not real estate security
  • Cons
  • ionicons-v5-mCosts may be higher than for loans backed by real estate
  • Helping Australian businesses grow.

    Earlypay's business line-of credit supported by unpaid invoices can be tailored to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Facilities from $50k to $15m and with or without on-line accounting - we can find the funding solution that works for you.

    Flexible finance

    Have an ACN or ABN and outstanding invoices due from other businesses for completed work? We'd love to hear from you.

    Easy loan applications

    Earlypay links with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks to fast track loan applications. Don't use one of these? No problem, we can still help.

    High approval rates

    Short trading history, ATO debt or less than perfect credit history? It doesn’t need to stand between you and the finance you need.

    No real estate

    Rather not use your home as security? Our business line of credit only uses your outstanding customer invoices.

    Cash flow that grows

    The business line of credit is linked to your outstanding invoices so your finance can grow in line with your sales.

    Simple and intuitive

    Had enough of endless admin? Our modern platform links to your accounting software, freeing up cash flow in a single click.

    What types of businesses use Invoice Finance?

    Our business line of credit can support the cash flow of businesses of all sizes

    • Start-up

      Your business is starting to take-off but cash flow is stalling. Bring forward the cash tied up in your outstanding invoices with Earlypay.

    • Growth

      You have opportunities to scale but tight cash flow is holding you back. Turn your outstanding invoices into growth opportunities with Earlypay.

    • Established

      You’ve been around for a while now and you’re looking for flexible business finance that works for you. Earlypay can help.

    • Restructure

      It's been tough and your business needs a cash injection to get back on track. Unlock the value of your unpaid invoices with Earlypay.

    What businesses qualify for Invoice Finance?

    Earlypay’s flexible approach to business finance means we can support businesses of all shapes and sizes and we know that all businesses are different so we have learnt to be flexible.

    As the Earlypay business line of credit is supported by outstanding invoices, quality invoices are the main thing that we look for. This means that we need invoices to be:

    • Issued after goods or services have been delivered
    • With other Australian businesses that have an ABN

    Typically, we are not able to provide business finance against purchase orders or progress payments in the construction industry.

    Earlypay’s business line of credit supports businesses across all industries including those below:

    • Wholesale trade
    • Manufacturing
    • Recruitment

    • Transport
    • Business services
    • Other industries

    And because the Earlypay business line of credit is backed by your outstanding invoices, we have more flexibility than other lenders and can provide finance to businesses with

    • Short trading history
    • Less than perfect credit history
    • ATO debts

    The bottom line is that if your business has an ABN or ACN and outstanding invoices that satisfy the above criteria, we’d love the opportunity to support your business.

    How do you apply for Invoice Finance?

    Applying for invoice finance with Earlypay is a quick and easy online process. Simply click the Sign-up button above and complete the brief form and you will have access to Earlypay’s market leading on-line lending platform.

    Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks users can streamline the application process by connecting their cloud accounting platform to securely provide accounts receivable and financial information. Once we have this information we can often approve funding within 24 hours.

    If you have questions and would like to speak to the Earlypay team, please call 1300-760-205 or email us on [email protected].

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is Invoice Finance a type of business loan?

      Invoice financing is a flexible alternative to business loans that brings forward cash flow from invoices that the business is already owed. Business loans typically have fixed repayment amounts that are payable at regular intervals whereas invoice financing is repaid when customer invoices are repaid. Invoice financing also let's the borrower access funds as required not solely as a lump sum at the beginning of the loan.

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