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Trade finance made simple

A lack of working capital can prevent businesses from growing as much as they should but trade finance can help. By closing the cash flow gap between paying for stock and receiving payment for goods sold, trade finance enables businesses to grow without eating into your own working capital balance.

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What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance gives businesses that import products from overseas and businesses that purchase product within Australia the ability to pay suppliers upfront without having to spend their own working capital.

This gives business some financial 'breathing room', to purchase products (eg. raw materials or finished goods) from suppliers either locally or overseas, then have more cash to improve, mark-up and sell those products in Australia.

This works in conjunction with our invoice finance product, so, as you raise invoices, you then repay the loan from your available funds.

How we help you

Earlypay Trade offers trade finance for Australian businesses looking to cover their cash flow gaps to grow. Learn more below about the trade finance solutions we can help you with.

  • More flexible than traditional funding

    Trade finance with Earlypay Trade can be more cost-effective and flexible than the banks.

  • Loan amounts for big and small purchases

    Buy the stock you need, get it shipped and get it sold quicker than normal when you have an established form of Trade Finance.

  • Increased buying power

    Prompt payment to suppliers can attract substantial savings and discounts for bulk purchases.

  • Trade Finance mitigates risk

    Trade finance mitigates payment and supply risks by ensuring suppliers are paid quickly and importers/buyers receive goods as ordered.

  • An all-in-one solution

    Earlypay Trade provides comprehensive trade finance services that work closely with invoice financing.

  • Access to experts

    We work alongside you and provide expert solutions for all your trade, logistics, freight and currency requirements.

Increase your business potential

Open up new markets and watch your business grow!

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Trade Finance in action

Flexible Invoice Finance and Trade Finance solution for a Wholesaler

Rocco runs a wholesale business and values Invoice Financing and Trade Finance as a way to bridge the cash flow gap and fund growth. 

Having experienced significant growth in their revenue in recent months, the business was seeking an increase in its finance limits. However, their existing financier was unwilling to help. 

Rocco contacted Earlypay, and we provided a solution that was tailored to his business needs.

Our Invoice and Trade Finance facilities grow in line with his business, which gives Rocco the peace of mind that he’ll always have cash flow when he needs it and the confidence to say “yes” to more opportunities.

Helping a large transport and wholesale business grow

Brad runs a large transport and wholesaling business and needed a multi-million-dollar financing facility to support new opportunities.

After working through a range of scenarios with our team, Brad chose Earlypay for a combined Invoice Finance and Trade Finance Facility. This not only unlocks working capital tied up in accounts receivables, but it also preserves working capital by using trade financing to pay suppliers. Brad now has the working capital available to grow his business by expanding into new markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions about what Trade Finance is

    What is Trade financing?

    Trade Financing is a business line of credit that is used to fund the purchase of goods from suppliers, whether they’re local or overseas.

    Linked to your Invoice Financing facility, Trade Finance bridges the cash flow gap between when you pay your suppliers and when you receive the payments from your clients.

    How can Trade Financing benefit my business?

    Trade Financing provides a simple solution to help you smooth out the cash flow curves in your business. While bridging the cash flow gap is a major reason many businesses decide to use Trade Financing, it also has other advantages.

    • Up to 100% advance rate with up to 180 days of funding
    • Risk Mitigation: Trade Financing helps to minimise the payment and supply risk involved by ensuring suppliers are paid quickly.
    • Early payment discounts: Having cash immediately available allows your business to take advantage of the early payment discounts your suppliers are offering.
    • No real estate security: As Trade Finance is offered in conjunction with Invoice Financing, your outstanding invoices are used as the security – not your family home.
  • Questions about applying for Trade Financing

    How do I apply for Trade Financing?

    Applying for Trade Financing with Earlypay is a quick and easy online process. Simply click the sign-up button above, complete some basic details to get started and an Earlypay representative will contact you ASAP.

    How long will it take for my finance to be approved?

    We aim to let you know within 24 hours if your finance has been approved or not.

    How long will it take to receive funding?

    We aim to make funds available within 24 hours of approving your finance.

  • Questions about how Trade Financing works

    How does Trade Financing work?

    Here’s how a typical Trade Financing arrangement works:

    • Apply online and if you’re successful, we’ll approve you and give you a facility limit.
    • Place an order with your supplier (domestic or offshore).
    • Present a draw down request for Earlypay to pay your supplier.
    • Earlypay makes the payment to the supplier.
    • The goods are shipped and delivered.
    • Your business repays the Trade Finance transaction through the Invoice Finance facility with Earlypay.

    Our Trade Finance solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

    Who can use Trade Financing?

    Our Trade Finance services can be used by businesses that import goods to sell to other businesses.

    We can fund the purchase of non-perishable* goods that are ready for market or require simple modifications/assembly.

    *Perishable goods will be considered where there is a strong case (e.g. track record, additional security etc)

    Which countries can I import goods from?

    Trade Financing can be used to pay for goods imported from almost any country, including Australia.

    What security is required for Trade Financing with Earlypay?

    We don’t use your real estate or personal assets as security to offer you finance. Our Trade Financing is offered in conjunction with our Invoice Financing.

    What currencies are available?

    We can pay suppliers in multiple currencies.

    How much does Trade Financing costs?

    The cost of our Trade finance services depends on the type and duration of the facility and the services you require.

    Do I need to pay any deposit before any payment is made?

    No. We pay 100% of your supplier’s invoice. You can then pay it back to us based on the agreed terms.

    You can choose to pay part or full amount of finance early and there will be no penalty or fees. You will only be charged interest for the period the loan was outstanding.

  • Questions about eligibility for Trade Financing

    Can I use Trade Financing if I have debt with other lenders?

    Yes. We are mainly concerned with having security against your accounts receivable and can work alongside other lenders.

    Can you help if my business has ATO tax debt?

    Yes, if there is a debt, and a repayment plan is in place with the ATO.

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