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Line of Credit

Earlypay’s business line of credit is backed by your outstanding customer invoices not real estate security and doesn't require a long trading history.
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  • Lines of credit of

    $50k - $15+ million

  • Rates from

    4.95% p.a. to 11.95% p.a

  • Approval as fast as

    24 hours

A line-of-credit to help your business grow

Our business line of credit is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And we connect to Xero and MYOB AccountRight to make accessing cash from your unpaid invoices simple, with less admin.

Flexible financing
Flexible financing

Have an ACN or ABN and outstanding invoices due from other businesses for completed work? We'd love to hear from you.

Simple to apply
Simple to apply

Earlypay links Xero and MYOB AccountRight and applying for finance is easy.

High approval rates
High approval rates

Short trading history, ATO debt or less than perfect credit history? It doesn’t need to stand between you and the finance you need.

No real estate
No real estate

Rather not use your home as security? Our business line of credit only uses your outstanding customer invoices.

Cash flow to grow
Cash flow to grow

Your business line of credit can increase with your sales so you can access the cash flow you need to grow.

Simple and intuitive
Simple and intuitive

Our modern online platform makes it simple to access funds with less admin.

What businesses qualify for a Business Line of Credit?

Earlypay’s flexible approach to business finance means we can support businesses of all shapes and sizes and we know that all businesses are different so we have learnt to be flexible.

As the Earlypay business line of credit is supported by outstanding invoices, quality invoices are the main thing that we look for. This means that we need invoices to be:

  • Issued after goods or services have been delivered
  • With other Australian businesses that have an ABN

Typically, we can't provide a line of credit against Purchase Orders or Progress payments in the construction industry.

Earlypay’s business line of credit supports businesses across all industries including those below:

  • Wholesale Trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Recruitment
  • Transport
  • Business Services
  • Other Industries

And because the Earlypay business line of credit is backed by your outstanding invoices, we have more flexibility than other lenders and can provide finance to businesses with

  • Short trading history
  • Less than perfect credit history
  • ATO debts

The bottom line is that if your business has an ABN or ACN and outstanding invoices that satisfy the above criteria, we’d love the opportunity to support your business.

How do you apply for a Business Line of Credit?

To apply for a business line of credit with Earlypay, simply click the Sign-up button and complete some basic details. After signing up, you will be asked to securely link your Xero or MYOB AccountRight to see how much funding you can access. An Earlypay representative will then contact you to understand how you invoice your customers and get you up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions about applying for finance

    How do I apply for a Business Line of Credit?

    Applying for a line of credit loan with Earlypay is a quick and easy online process. Simply click the sign-up button above and connect your Xero or MYOB AccountRight, complete some basic details to get started and an Earlypay representative will contact you ASAP.

    By connecting your Xero or MYOB AccountRight to Earlypay,you can streamline the process. This connection securely provides financial information that may include invoices, credit notes, bank transactions, payments, profit & loss statement and balance sheet.

    How long will it take for my finance to be approved?

    We aim to let you know within 24 hours if your finance has been approved or not.

    How long will it take to receive funding?

    We aim to advance funding within 24 hours of approving your finance.

    How much finance can I get?

    Earlypay provides line of credit facilities from $50k all the way up to $15m so we have the capacity to support businesses of all shapes and sizes. More relevant is the size of your accounts receivable ledger as we can advance 80% (sometimes 90%) of the value of those outstanding invoices. For example, if you have $500k of Eligible Invoices, we can advance up to $400k normally and can make temporary exceptions to advance more than that.

    What invoices can I fund?

    Invoices eligible for funding are invoices outstanding with Australian businesses for goods that have been delivered or services that have been completed. Typically, Earlypay doesn’t fund invoices that are more than 90 days past the issue date.

    How much does a Business Line of Credit cost?

    The interest rate charged on line of credit ranges between 4.95% and 11.95% per annum. Depending on how you would like your facility to work and any additional services (eg. collections management), there may also be Drawdown or Administration fees.

  • Questions about how Business Line of Credit works

    How Earlypay's Line of Credit works

    • Invoice your clients as you normally would.
    • Provide Earlypay with the details of the invoices you would like to fund. Earlypay can source your invoice details through our clever integration with Xero or MYOB AccountRight Live.
    • Receive up to 80% of the value of your funded invoices upfront.
    • Your customers pay invoices into a collections account set up in your name which repays the outstanding finance and the excess becomes available to you.

    Will my customers know that I'm using a Line of Credit?

    Earlypay offers both Confidential (Undisclosed) and Disclosed lines of credit. Typically, established businesses are eligible for a confidential line of credit, and a disclosed line of credit is better suited to businesses that have a short trading history, debts or a less than perfect credit history. Earlypay will work with you to tailor the best solution for your business.

    How do I access my Business Line of Credit facility?

    You will be given access to an online portal where you can view your invoices and funding availability, request drawdowns and download reports.

    Why would I use a Business Line of Credit instead of an Unsecured Business Loan?

    A business line of credit is generally more flexible than Unsecured Business Loans because you can access funding as and when you need the cash flow. It is also an ongoing facility that can grow with your sales.

    Unsecured Business Loans provide a lump sum amount that is repaid with regular repayments over a fixed term whereas the repayment of a line of credit occurs when customers pay the invoices that were financed.

    A business line of credit is often more cost effective than unsecured business loans as it uses the accounts receivable ledger of your business as security, making it less risky for the invoice financier.

    Business loans require businesses to have been operating for a minimum period and show evidence that the repayments can be adequately covered by revenue. A line of credit can be a great solution for businesses that have invoices eligible for financing but don't quite satisfy the requirements for unsecured business loans.

    If you're business has a short trading history, less than perfect credit score or ATO debts, you may still be eligible for a line of credit facility with Earlypay.

  • Questions about what a Business Line of Credit is

    What is a Business Line of Credit?

    A Business Line of Credit is a type of finance that provides funding based on outstanding invoices. Businesses can receive 80% of the value of invoices upfront which increases cash flow that can be used for operational costs or to invest in growth opportunities.

    As a line of credit is supported by outstanding invoices, the amount of available funding grows with your sales and can be used by early-stage, growing and established businesses across a wide range of industries.

    What are the Pros and Cons of a line of credit?


    • Immediate cash flow
    • Ongoing access to finance
    • Backed by invoices, not real estate
    • High approval rates
    • No regular fixed loan repayments
    • Option to outsource collections


    • Costs higher than real estate backed finance

    What is Confidential Line of Credit?

    Confidential line of credit is when Earlypay provides funding of your invoices and your customers are not aware that there is a finance facility in place. A confidential line of credit is generally offered to businesses with a strong track record.

    What is Disclosed Line of Credit?

    A disclosed line of credit is the arrangement where your customers are aware that Earlypay is financing your invoices. Disclosed arrangements generally involve Earlypay managing the collection of your invoices and we may contact your customers on your behalf to ensure they pay your invoices. This is a useful arrangement for businesses that have small finance teams or simply choose to outsource this function and focus on other areas of their business.

    Is a line of credit right for my business?

    A line of credit is a very flexible form of business finance that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. In addition to unlocking cash from unpaid invoices, Earlypay's line of credit can also include collections management services, allowing businesses to focus resources on other areas.

    Lines of credit is used by businesses across a wide range of industries including Wholesale trade, Transport, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Labour hire, Business services and many others.

    Start-ups, Growing and Established businesses are all eligible for a line of credit and we’d love to hear from you even if you have a short trading history, less than perfect credit score or ATO debts.

    Given the flexible nature of our line of credit, and the fact that every business is different, it's best to speak to our experienced team to design a solution that works best for you and your business.

  • Questions about eligibility for a Business Line of Credit

    Can I use a line of credit if I have debt with other lenders?

    Yes. We are mainly concerned with having security against your accounts receivable and can work alongside other lenders.

    Is a line of credit suitable for start-ups?

    Yes! We love supporting early stage businesses. If you have outstanding eligible invoices, we can help with the cash flow your business needs to grow with invoice factoring.

    Can you help if my business has ATO tax debt?

    Yes. A line of credit can be suitable for businesses that have ATO debts and is often available when other types of business loans are not.

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