Expanding with Confidential Invoice Discounting

October 2nd, 2018

Earlypay is pleased to announce the launch of our new Confidential Invoice Discounting product.

Our factoring and other disclosed solutions provide a fantastic service offering credit control and risk protection to assist customers in the early stages of their business cycle, helping them overcome the early risk of business failure that impacts so many SMEs. As they continue to grow and enter into the expansion phase, many develop their own internal collection procedures, no longer requiring them to “outsource” such services. However, the risk these business face does not go away, it just changes. Statistics show that the threat to established and more sophisticated businesses is the ability to leverage their market position to maintain the same rate of growth and continue momentum. 

As growing businesses become more sophisticated and embed robust processes, whilst they may no longer require assistance in collection of the debtor book, their need for working capital funding continues.


Why We are Delivering Confidential Invoice Discounting 

It’s our vision to create a whole of life cash flow solution that supports B2B SMEs throughout their business journey. It is for this reason we are now offering Confidential Invoice Discounting. To help those business where accelerating cash flow is the core focus of a working capital solution. It is designed with established business owners and their teams in mind. Developed to integrate seamlessly and confidentially with their existing processes.

Confidential Invoice Discounting can help your clients to proactively manage and smooth their cash flow – and importantly, it does so confidentially. Unlike our disclosed facilities, whereby we assist in the accounts receivable process, your client owns the customer relationship and continue to collect payments as usual.  


How it WorksHow it works

Benefits of Confidential Invoice Discounting

  • Control – Your client owns the customer relationship and managers the accounts receivable process
  • Confidentiality – Client’s customers are not made aware of the financing Invoice Discounting Arrangement
  • Convenience – your client can view a funding summary 24/7 via our secure online portal or mobile app  
  • Fast – access to funds within 24 hours to meet daily cash flow requirements
  • Protection – added Trade Credit Insurance options are available for further security

Benefits of Confidential Invoice Discounting 

ID is a fantastic tool for business looking to expand and improve their cash flow. Do your customers:

  • Provide goods or services to other businesses?
  • Sell on trade credit terms of between 30 & 90 days?
  • Have 12 months of evident financial stability?
  • Have strong credit management and accounts receivable controls?
  • Prefer to manage their own credit function?
  • Have an experience management team with proven history?

Your customer might qualify for our Confidential Invoice Discounting facility.

If they don’t, then perhaps they may be more suited for our Factoring and/or Disclosed facilities.

 Want to find out more?

In addition to a great service, we pay commission for any business you refer to us. If you would like to: 

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