Trade Finance to keep your customer orders and supply chain moving

Pay your suppliers up front with Trade Finance.  Whether you purchase products overseas or right here in Australia, Trade Finance provides funding to pay suppliers upfront — without having to spend your own working capital.

Boost your working capital to increase supply chain efficiency.

Leveraging a combined trade and invoice finance solution can significantly reduce the cash flow gap between paying for stock and receiving payment for goods sold.  This means you can move on to purchasing the next round of materials without having to wait for your customers to pay. 

Have the confidence to take on new orders and meet customer demand knowing you will have the cash to pay for the supplies to deliver them.

Eliminate the cash flow burden that comes with producing goods for sale. Earlypay’s solution helps you reduce the cash flow gap between paying for stock and receiving payment for goods.

What is Trade Finance?

Trade finance is a flexible and practical way to support your business growth. By providing finance to pay your suppliers up-front, it gives your business the opportunity to take on larger orders, new customers and, ultimately, to build your sales. You can pay suppliers earlier, lock-in forward pricing and plan ahead with confidence.

Earlypay Trade works in conjunction with our Invoice Finance product, so, as you raise invoices, the Trade Finance facility is repaid by the Invoice Finance facility, and the Invoice Finance facility is then repaid by your customer once they pay their invoice.

How does trade finance work with invoice finance?

Step 1

Order materials or supplies from your supplier.

With your approved credit limit in place, you’re able to order supplies as, and when, you need them.

Step 2

Forward the supplier invoice to Earlypay.

Once your materials or supplies have been delivered, submit the invoice from your supplier to Earlypay for payment to be made. Earlypay will pay directly to the supplier on your behalf.

Step 3

Utilise the delivered supplies.

Whether the delivered items are finished goods or raw materials to be used in your production process, you can get on with meeting customer orders or building up your inventory.

Step 4

Send invoices to your customers upon the sale of goods.

As you raise invoices for the sale of goods, your Invoice Finance facility comes into effect, advancing you funds on your outstanding customer invoice. These funds are automatically used to repay (or paydown) the Trade Finance.

Step 5

Your customers pay their invoices.

As your customers settle their invoices as per your standard credit terms, your invoice finance facility is paid down.

Step 6

Funds are released to you.

Once your Invoice Finance facility is repaid, any remaining cash is released to you, minus any interest or fees.

Increase your business potential

Earlypay Trade and Invoice Finance helps businesses cover their cash flow gaps to grow. Learn more below about this cash flow solution:

  • More flexible than traditional funding

    Our Trade Finance solution is simpler to access than traditional finance from lenders such as banks. Unlike traditional business finance, settlement of your trade finance is made through your customer payments, without the need for securing finance against property or other business assets

  • Finance for big or small purchases

    Whether it’s a major purchase or a small order, Trade and Invoice Finance allow you to buy the stock you need, get it shipped to you, and sold quicker than ever.

  • Increased buying power

    Prompt payment to suppliers can attract substantial savings and discounts for purchases. Earlypay Trade Finance pays suppliers up front, which they’re bound to appreciate, with Earlypay Invoice Finance providing you access to cash as soon as your customer invoice is issued.

  • Risk mitigation

    Trade finance mitigates payment and supply risks by ensuring suppliers are paid quickly and importers/buyers receive goods as ordered.

  • Complete cash gap coverage

    Earlypay Trade provides comprehensive trade finance services that work in conjunction with invoice financing to provide you with a cash flow buffer from when you order materials, right through to receiving payment from your customers.

Trade Finance in action

Is Trade Finance right for me?

If you purchase goods or raw materials for business purposes, Trade Finance might be the cash flow solution you’re looking for. 

If you satisfy the basic requirements below, we'd love to hear from you.

  • You have an ABN or ACN
  • You have outstanding invoices with other Australian businesses.
  • You invoice after goods or services have been delivered.
  • Trading for a minimum of 2 years.

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