Supplier Early Payments Support and protect your supply chain

Optimise business performance by offering an early payment program to your suppliers and subcontractors. Access Earlypay’s market-leading platform to automate and customise the offering at scale, while you maintain full control of eligibility, pricing and operational requirements. Protect your supply chain and build stronger business relationships that improve your bottom line.

What is the Supplier Early Payments platform?

At Earlypay, we’re all about helping businesses to thrive with innovative approaches to finance that work to enhance business performance. Our platform enables Australian businesses to leverage the technology to offer an automated and customised early payment program to their suppliers and subcontractors.

Early payments can help improve your bottom line by giving your suppliers the option of receiving early payment on their invoices in exchange for a discount. You benefit from the savings while your suppliers can enjoy improved cash flow to keep their business moving. Earlypay users report that their money is earning superior returns through early supplier payment discounts than simply sitting at bank.

The Earlypay platform is flexible and scalable and can deliver a customised program to suit the needs of your business and your supply chain. You maintain full control over payments, your supplier relationships and your contracts. You decide which suppliers will be offered early payments and you set the agreements, while Earlypay manage the program on your behalf.

Our proprietary platform integrates with your existing software and business processes across multiple sites and even gives you the flexibility to offer different discounts to individual suppliers. Because you’re in control, there are no hoops to jump through around security registrations or due diligence of you or your suppliers.

Is Earlypay’s Supplier Early Payments platform right for your business?

Typical users of the Supplier Early Payments platform share the following characteristics. If this describes your business, we’d be pleased to show you how we can help.

  • Are you a large Australian business?
  • Do you have a diverse supply chain, both in number and type of suppliers?
  • Does your business rely heavily on external suppliers, contractors or subcontractors?
  • Do you have cash in the bank that you’d like to work harder for your business?

The benefits are mutual

  • 01

    Earn a return on excess capital

    Receive a discount for paying your supplier invoices early

  • 02

    Support & protect your supply chain

    With secure cash flow, your subcontractors are better positioned to continue to fulfill orders and meet contractual requirements

  • 03

    Keep your business moving

    A strong, high performing and loyal supply chain helps power your projects and your business with minimal disruption

  • 04

    Work more efficiently

    The Earlypay platform can help reduce operating costs and lift your financial efficiency

Why Earlypay?

  • We make it easy

    We’re here to help your business prosper. We take away the administrative burden by managing the program end to end, including set up, supplier onboarding, facilitating early payment requests and approvals, and day to day enquiries.

  • Scalability

    Our innovative technology is built for scale and easily manages multiple discount rates and eligibility criteria across multiple sites.

  • System integration

    The Earlypay platform integrates with your software and operational processes for efficient onboarding of suppliers and program management. There is no impact to your ERP or banking portals.

  • Tailored to your business needs

    We have a proven track record with over $3b in processed invoices. Set up is customised to your business needs and you keep control of approvals and payments.

How it works

Here’s an example of how early payments to suppliers would operate with the Earlypay Supplier Early Payments platform.

  1. 01

    An automated daily feed from your business provides information on which invoices and suppliers are approved for payment under standard payment terms.

  2. 02

    Earlypay communicates with your subcontractor to confirm which of the approved invoices they would like early payment on.

  3. 03

    Earlypay communicates these early payment preferences and payment instructions to you for review.

  4. 04

    You can approve and make the payments less any fees. Done!

Earlypay keeps you in control

With our platform you’re in charge of how the program can work best for your business:

  • You approve which subcontractors are invited into the program, and which invoices are offered for early payment.
  • You set the early payment discount based on your required rate of return, and rates can vary from supplier to supplier.
  • You maintain full control over banking payments, your supplier relationships and your contracts.
  • The Earlypay platform integrates with your existing software and business processes.

How much does it cost

Our technology has been developed to provide an innovative and affordable way to manage early payments to your suppliers. There is no cost to your business to set up a program with Earlypay.

Fees are paid by your suppliers on all invoices paid early:

  • Early payment discount – this is your return.
  • A service fee – this is Earlypay’s payment for facilitating the program

You set the early repayment fee based on your required rate of return on investment.

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