Earlypay Scholarship Program

Helping VOW Financial and YBR Brokers upskill and grow

Strengthening remarkable potential

We are excited to offer, alongside VOW/YBR group, our Scholarship Program for remarkable finance professionals with a desire to succeed. At Earlypay, we are passionate about business finance; The Scholarship Program allows us to share our passion in the form of education for finance professionals looking to position themselves as industry-leading commercial finance specialists.

Supporting industry-leading professionals

Developed in collaboration with leading financial training provider, Accendo Financial, the Earlypay Scholarship Program consists of 15 modules which will be delivered online at set intervals throughout the year.

The course will equip commercial finance brokers with the knowledge to identify, structure, and implement game-changing finance solutions for Australian businesses, while developing their professional skills to gain a competitive edge in the business finance world.

Limited positions available

Earlypay and Vow/YBR are subsidising the participation of up to 40 positions in the Scholarship Program, valued at $6,500 each. Your contribution to participate is $150. The exclusivity of the cohort allows for a more close-knit learning dynamic between participants, mentors and educators to maximise the learning outcomes and potential for success.

For your chance at being a part of the Earlypay Scholarship Program, please register your interest below.

Key Dates for the Scholarship Program 2024

  • FEB Submissions open
  • APRIL Letters of offer sent
  • 8th MAY Commencement

What graduates say about the Earlypay Scholarship Program

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to be involved in a ground-breaking initiative for the Mortgage and Finance Broker community. I would recommend it to anyone in the Broking Industry as either a comprehensive introduction to Asset, Debtor & Trade for SME business clients or a great refresher and update on what advances and innovations have taken place for this sector of the industry.
Stephen Gay
Managing Director of Empire Finance Partners
Thanks for a great course. Both the Earlypay and Accendo team were helpful. The program was very engaging, especially the workshops. Overall, I learned a lot and would highly recommend the program to others.
Andrew Kyriakou
Program Analyst at Beyond Bank Australia
Thank you to all those who were involved. This program has been a great educational tool for my business, and I look forward to a long-term partnership with Earlypay.
Adam Fisher
Finance Specialist at Ausloans Financial Services
Thoroughly enjoyed the modules, workshops, and videos. I certainly learned a lot and would highly recommend the program to others.
Todd Holden
Director at Astute Financial
I love the course. It’s so interesting and helpful.
Jenny Keane
Associate Partner at Ifin Capital Group

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