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Helping to limit the spread of coronavirus

An increase in demand for their services meant that this cleaning business had a cash flow gap they needed to bridge — With fast-paced business growth, they needed cash for additional staff, equipment and supplies. 

We were quickly able to put in place a $100k Debtor finance solution that provides additional funding to support ongoing working capital needs and growth. 

This particular case was a result of the increase in demand for their cleaning services to fight the spread of COVID-19. We are delighted to be able to assist this business in keeping the community safe.

Essential IT Equipment Finance for a Dental Practice

A successful dental company required a range of Technical and IT Equipment, including computers, printers, telephones, docking stations and monitors. They were looking to purchase these due to relocation to a new office.

With a range of equipment needed, they knew that paying the total amount upfront could put a strain on their cash flow. So, they approached us for equipment finance.

By working with our team, they could get the full $57k they needed to secure their essential equipment. 

Armed with these new pieces of IT and technical equipment with all the latest bells and whistles, they can now handle their daily operations with ease.

Earlypay helps Scaffolding business smooth cash flow

This scaffolding business pays their contractors on a weekly basis but deals with firms that often take between 30 to 45 days to pay their invoices.

To help them smooth cash flow and bridge the gap between receiving payments, Earlypay provided the business with a $200K Debtor Financing facility — a revolving line of credit backed by outstanding invoices.

Now they will always have cash on hand to pay their workers on time and can get back to doing what they do best — growing their business.

Flexible Invoice Finance and Trade Finance solution for a Wholesaler

Rocco runs a wholesale business and values Invoice Financing and Trade Finance as a way to bridge the cash flow gap and fund growth. 

Having experienced significant growth in their revenue in recent months, the business was seeking an increase in its finance limits. However, their existing financier was unwilling to help. 

Rocco contacted Earlypay, and we provided a solution that was tailored to his business needs.

Our Invoice and Trade Finance facilities grow in line with his business, which gives Rocco the peace of mind that he’ll always have cash flow when he needs it and the confidence to say “yes” to more opportunities.

Helping a labour hire business refinance their existing Invoice Finance facility

Ollie values Invoice financing as a way to boost cash flow and has been successfully using it for many years.  But as the busy owner of a growing business, he grew tired of the poor customer service and admin required by his existing financier, and was looking for a better alternative.

Having spoken to various providers, Ollie chose Earlypay due to the flexibility and simplicity of its integration into their accounting software. He will now benefit from an ongoing line of credit with less admin, so he can focus on growing his business.


Vehicle Balloon Refinancing

An auto-parts business needed to refinance the balloon on its ute.

After reaching out to us, our team was able to help. A secured loan allowed the business to pay off the balloon with fixed payments over a set term rather than a lump sum.  This gave the business financial flexibility and peace of mind with cash flow certainty.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

When an IT Recruitment start-up secured their first contract to supply IT Contractors, it was cause for celebration. But the client’s long payment terms had them worried about cash flow. So, they decided to look for a solution and contacted Earlypay for assistance.

We provided a $200K business line of credit facility backed by their outstanding invoices. The business now has the cash flow & peace of mind of being able to service the contract and pursue future opportunities.

Equipment Financing solution for a Pet Food Manufacturer

Our client is a pet food manufacturer.

With an increasing demand for their products, they were looking to acquire new automated food processing equipment.

We were able to work with their broker to find the best equipment finance solution for the client to procure the equipment.

With the new equipment in place, they can streamline food processing time and reduce manufacturing costs. The business can now increase its capacity and take on more orders to accelerate their growth.

Asset Finance to replace an old and underperforming forklift

When a performance and service business was looking to replace their old and underperforming forklift, we were able to assist them with finance.

The result? More efficient operations, increased output, and better cash flow.

Don’t get stuck with equipment that is not moving the needle. If you have old and underperforming equipment that needs replacing, please contact us. We can help you with financing.

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