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We've been supporting brokers and Aussie SMEs for over 20 years and have seen first-hand how the right type of financing can take businesses to the next level. Our flexible range of products provide SMEs with tailored business finance solutions that help optimise cash flow and promote commercial growth.

Help your clients succeed with strategic finance solutions.

Solving Business Tax Debt and Cash Flow Problems With Asset Finance

The strategic use of Asset Finance can be a powerful solution to debt and other cash flow burdens. By leveraging unencumbered assets or refinancing existing loans, businesses can raise capital and unlock equity to pay down debt and reduce monthly obligations.

All assets considered for capital raise and sale-back transactions

At Earlypay, we consider all assets for our capital raise transactions. For primary assets, there is no age restriction and we’re able to lend up to 100% market value!

Our sale-back and capital raise transactions can help turn non-liquid business assets (like equipment or machinery) into cash, while still retaining and using the assets for business operations.

Combining Products to Achieve Ultimate Outcomes for Businesses

We understand that every business faces its own unique set of challenges. Combining our finance products offers a strategic solution to complex business problems, unlocking access to larger amounts at discounted rates.

Case Study: Revitalising Manufacturing Success Through Strategic Financing

A thriving manufacturing company with a $90 million annual turnover invested heavily in technology with the goal of gaining a competitive advantage and increase market share.


Unfortunately, they underestimated the capital cost and the business disruption that came with the investment in technology. External supply chain issues meant significant delays with their orders which resulted in business losses as they couldn’t keep up with their customer demands. Production planning was heavily impacted by ongoing supply chain disruptions, so they couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


In financial distress, the company approached Earlypay for help with working capital. The tailored financial solution comprised:

Invoice Finance Facility This assisted daily cash flow management by injecting liquidity supported by sales, with funding growing alongside sales volume.

Trade Finance Facility Trade Finance removed payment burdens to both domestic and international suppliers for up to 180 days, allowing unhindered focus on production and sales.

Equipment Finance Capital tied up in unencumbered assets was leveraged to provide access to cash. This initial cash injection went straight into the business to pay down other debt and suppliers.


By embracing this comprehensive financing strategy, the company revitalised its operational resilience and regained its competitive footing. Enhanced liquidity empowered flexible responses to market dynamics, while streamlined supply chain operations built efficiency and cost savings. With renewed financial stability, the company went on to achieve sustained growth and profitability, highlighting the transformative power of strategic financing in overcoming adversities and moving businesses towards success.

Why Partner With Earlypay?

Our finance solutions have the flexibility to support businesses of all shapes and sizes. Big or small, early-stage or established, we're here to help your SME clients.

  • Easy to refer

    Once you've made a referral, we aim to approve applications within 24 hours and fund your clients within 48 hours.

  • High approval rates

    We rely on the quality of your clients’ invoices —— not on the quality of your clients’ credit history. This means we can often support businesses that other lenders can’t.

  • Tailored service

    We’ll assess your client’s eligibility, then you can choose to be as hands-on as you’d like, or let us manage the application.

  • Flexible finance solutions

    Our products support businesses seeking cash flow support, tax debt management and capital raise transactions.

  • Earn attractive commissions

    We pay highly competitive upfront and monthly trailing commissions.

  • Support & Resources

    You will have support from a dedicated BDM and access to a pool of resources to help. Ready to be an Earlypay partner?

Equip Your Clients With the Right Business Finance Solution

Invoice Finance

Unlock cash from unpaid invoices, helping to smooth cash flow.

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Equipment Finance

Helping SMEs purchase equipment or raise capital by financing unencumbered assets.

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Trade Finance

Manage supply chains by utilising trade finance to pay suppliers.

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