What can your business learn from the Euro 2016 group stage?

June 27th, 2016

The UEFA Euro 2016 competition is well and truly underway, with the Round of 16 kicking off and seeing some unlikely faces making it through.

There were a few upsets in the group stages, however, and that made it difficult for a few teams to progress. In the face of adversity, playing in a foreign country and facing the stiffest competition in world football, what did these teams do to come out on top?

From making the most of their entire squads to employing clever tactics at the right moments, there are plenty of parallels with the business decision-making world. What can you take away from the teams who came out ahead of the rest?


Feeling the form

There were a number of in-form players that were able to perform at their best during the group stages, and some that weren't given enough of a chance, even though they were at the top of the talent pool.

It's important that as a business you're constantly looking inward to see the most valuable employees you have available, as well as looking elsewhere for contract hires and the best people in your industry. Temporary labour finance from Earlypay would be a great option to help you out there, but if you aren't using your employees to the best of their abilities, then you're doing them a disservice.

Take England's Jamie Vardy, for example. He was a driving force behind Leicester City winning the Premier League, and was only used as a substitute in the all-important group game against Wales. When he came on, he scored a goal and helped England secure a spot in the playoff round the following game, but it was being given that chance that really changed England's outlook.


Don't count yourself out

One of the best things about international tournaments is seeing the underdogs rising up and performing, even if only for a small period of time.

In the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Japan pulled off the unthinkable and beat South Africa by the narrowest of margins, while more recently at the Euros, Ireland beat in-form Italy 1-0, even though the team qualified against home favourites France in the next round.

Against all odds, Ireland pulled off a great win, and it was because they didn't feel the pressure of playing a bigger team. Heading into the end of this financial year, it's important that your company isn't falling off the bandwagon because of low confidence. Dun and Bradstreet research is showing that many businesses are feeling a pinch, but Earlypay has a solution for you to stay ahead of the curve and beat the competition. Get in touch today.

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