What can the US Masters teach you about business decisions?

May 10th, 2016

The US Masters is possibly the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, and the winner's Green Jacket is far and away the most iconic prize in the sport.

The match play was running from April 7 to 10 this year, and Danny Willett fought to the very end. Willett took advice from the right people and made sure that all of the decisions he made were absolutely the best ones for the conditions. For example, the first day was reportedly the windiest ever seen through a competition at the Augusta National Golf Club, yet Jordan Spieth was able to get through the round with no bogeys - in fact, he made six birdies!

But what can your business take away from the 2016 US Masters?

There is always value in advice

On the golf course, your advice will be coming from the person who has been selected for their knowledge and expertise. The caddy is an extremely important part of the career of a golfer, and Tiger Woods wouldn't have had half the success he did without long-time caddy Steve Williams by his side.

Taking a measured approach on the golf course brings great results and it's the same in the business world.

Taking a measured approach on the golf course brings great results. It's the same in the business world, especially at a time when there are so many potential upgrades or improvements that you can make in your company. Would taking a step back allow you to listen to all of the advice you have available and make the right decision? It could allow you to end up much closer to the pin, and that's got to be good news.

How does finance come into play?

Take a caddy as an example. They are there to help the golfer win, and in Danny Willett's case, it worked. However, they do get paid for their work - Forbes reports that it's around 10 per cent of any tournament winnings, and that's outside their salary. Last year's US Master's winner took away $1.8 million, of which, $180,000 went to the caddy.

So it pays to have someone giving you advice: choosing the right club, pushing you in the right direction and maybe even suggesting how much to throw at the ball. That'll take you closer to the top of the leader board, closer to that big pay day.

Will you be close to the pin after your next business decision?Will you be close to the pin after your next business decision?

It's the same in the business world - do you have a trusted advisor on hand? You'll likely have to pay for one, but Earlypay's solutions can really set you on the right track with working capital.

Get in touch today and walk away from the 18th green with a smile on your face.

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