Top tips for breezing through a panel interview

May 22nd, 2014

Top tips for breezing through a panel interview

When the time comes for you to go in search of a new job, it's possible you might come up against a dreaded panel interview.

You know the feeling - several pairs of eyes staring at you, firing questions left, right and centre. Doing some careful preparation can give you all the confidence you need in this situation.

Hays Recruiting has put together a number of suggestions that should help you on your way - and hopefully land you that job with a small business you've always dreamt of.

Do your homework

Researching the people who are on the panel can be a wise move - Hays recruiting recommends taking a look at their LinkedIn accounts or profiles on the company website.

You'll not only know where exactly their areas of expertise lie, but will also be able to put faces to names.

Cool, calm and collected

If you appear nervous it could affect your chances of being able to answer questions as well as you'd hoped, so do whatever necessary to keep your anxiety under control.

It's OK to come across a little edgy - remember this is much more preferable to being arrogant!

Eye contact

Although it might be one panel member asking you a question, address your response to everyone.

This will not only help you seem confident but also gives the opportunity to showcase your interpersonal skills - something potential employers will be glad to see.

Be ready to ask questions

At the end of the interview, it's highly likely you'll be asked whether you have any questions for the panel relating to the role or the company itself.

Use this opportunity to show an interest in the role you've applied for, but make sure you don't ask anything that's already been covered in the interview.


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