The 3 ingredients of a profitable business

April 30th, 2015

Building a profitable company doesn't happen overnight - although it's something many small-business owners will have spent sleepless nights trying to build.

That's because business funding is something that every organisation struggles with, especially when they first start out. Building a highly profitable company doesn't just involve sales, it means creating an enterprise that is strong across multiple areas.

In fact, there are three different areas that small-business owners need to master if they want to build a strong, profitable company. These are:

Providing value 

A business is only going to be as successful as the goods and services they are selling. No matter what you are offering, these products represent the value that your company offers to clients and customers.

The question that every business owner needs to ask themselves is whether these offerings represent good value or not?

There are many reasons for a product or service to not be good value. It might be too expensive, of poor quality or be unable to match that offered by competitors. Whatever the reason, working out if your offering is good value will be the core factor in determining whether your business will be profitable in the future.

Developing a strong internal culture

One of the most important roles for a small-business owner is to define the company culture from the beginning and then support its development. Every business has internal quirks, unique personalities and values that all combine to create a vibrant culture.

A strong company culture serves a number of different purposes - from informing the sort of personalities that you hire to your branding and external communications. However, there is also a clear link between the culture your business has and profitability.

After all, staff need to be passionate and engaged with their work if they are going to go above and beyond to help close a deal or keep a customer loyal. This extra effort is essential for keeping the business profitable and ensure all of your staff are working together towards the same broad goals.

Building your brand reach

Your business's success is often limited by one simple factor - it's reach. The ability of a brand to reach people who might otherwise be unaware of the services offered by a company needs to be a serious focus for every business owner.

This is where your business's marketing efforts come to the fore. Marketing is all about increasing the number of people who are aware of your business and building a funnel of potential customers.

Achieving this reach requires a marketing plan which consists of three separate factors. These are:

  • The message - what do you want people to know?
  • The audience - who are you telling this to?
  • The communication medium - how are you going to tell them?

Each of these is required to help a business achieve the maximum impact from its marketing and in turn build a pipeline of solid leads that can create future sales. What's more, the answers to these questions will be highly dependent on the nature of your business and the unique product offerings you have.

These three different factors are all necessary to defining how successful your business is going to be. After all, your maximum profitability will always depend on the reach of your company, the value your goods and services offer and the effort your team are willing to put into their work.

By working on all three, your organisation is going to be ideally placed to become more profitable and operate at a higher level for longer.

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