Setting cash flow goals for your small business

April 22nd, 2014

Goal setting is an essential part of being a small business owner and making forecasts for cash flow should be part of this process.

After all, a smooth running cash flow is the lifeblood of any company - without a steady stream of cash coming in and going out it will likely grind to a halt.

However, before you get to work on formulating a plan, it's essential to think about what stages you need to go through to make it a success.

Be realistic

It can be tempting to have over-zealous goals for your business, but before you put them down on paper think carefully about whether they are achievable.

There's no reason why you shouldn't aim high, but setting yourself objectives that are out of reach is only likely to become a source of frustration.

Set a time frame

Having both a short and long term plan in place is the best way to ensure success - your immediate objectives should contribute to your overall goal years in the future.

You might first want to think about improving your cash flow over the coming months before thinking ahead to how this will contribute to business expansion in years to come.

Regular reviews

Once your goals are in place, make sure you regularly review them to see how much progress is being made.

There is little harm in adjusting your strategies if you feel they are not working, but make sure whatever new decision you make is in the best interests of your company.

Achieving the outcome you want

You may find that you need to make changes to the way you manage cash flow in order to meet these new goals you have set for your business.

This could involve enlisting the help of a debtor finance facility, which will be able to ensure a steady flow of business funding while giving you the tools you need for expansion.

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