Is your business stuck in a rut? 3 ways to get out

March 11th, 2014

Here are some tips on how to get out of a business rut.

Regardless of how quickly your business is growing, there may come a time when it hits a temporary dead end.

It's natural for many small businesses to reach a plateau at some point, whether it's down to a decline in sales, a new competitor entering the scene or a stagnant marketing strategy. However, this doesn't mean the days of your business growing are numbered.

In fact, with a few simple measures, you can haul your business out of its rut and back on the road to expansion.

Assess your vision and goals

Remember when you first started your business? Most likely, you had a clear vision and goals in mind and leveraged the excitement you got out of them to drive your business forward.

If you feel you've lost some of that buzz recently, it may be time to revisit your business's objectives. Detach yourself from your company for a moment and look at its current goals - do they fill you with that same sense of purpose and energy as they did on day one?

If not, it may be time to tweak them. Take the current situation into stock and readjust your intentions of where you want to be in three or five years' time. A fresh outlook may be just what you need to jolt your business out of the doldrums.

Customer first

It's the number one rule for all small business owners, regardless of industry - make the customer the focus of your efforts!

Stepping into your clients' shoes can help you look at your business from another perspective and see what needs to be changed. Conduct customer surveys to find out which products or services are highest in demand, which aren't doing so well and whether your offerings are truly meeting their needs.

Don't be afraid to shake things up

If you determine that your business definitely needs a new direction, it's time to take appropriate action.

Should you be offering a new product or service to keep up with competition? Could revitalising your brand and experimenting with new marketing initiatives drive sales once again?

A rut is usually a sign that something has to change - so don't be afraid to shift things around!

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