How small business owners can maintain a work/life balance

November 15th, 2013

As a small business owner, you're likely to run low on a few key resources when you first start out.

Funds are one of them, and fortunately cash flow finance can help with that. However, a lack of time is another factor that can bring stress to many a business owner's life.

Even if your business is still in its infancy and you've got your hands full with tasks, there are some measures you can take to strike a good work/life balance and hold onto your sanity.

Set boundaries - and stick to them

Anyone can set deadlines and limits, but sticking to them is easier said than done.

The fluid, flexible nature of start-up businesses can make it difficult to implement strict office hours and schedules, but try to set specific times every day and week when you cut yourself off from work.

Setting these boundaries can also work in your favour as you have a clear deadline to work towards and be more productive and targeted in your efforts.

Delegate and automate as much as you can

You may have handled all or most of your company's work when you started out, but as the business grows and takes on more staff, it's time to share the workload.

Delegate tasks to the people who are most suited to carry them out, while you focus on the core aspects of the business yourself.

Minor administrative tasks such as invoicing and payrolls can also be automated without any human input. There is a range of specialist automation software available, so this could be a wise time-saving investment.

Don't forget to plan for 'me-time'

In the non-stop rush of running a small business, it's important to also pay attention to your personal life.

Use the same systematic approach you use at work to plan for your downtime as well, figuring in after-hours activities and longer projects such as end-of-year vacations.

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