Get cash flow in check before scaling your business

April 7th, 2014

Time to upscale your small business?

Many small business owners have their sights set on growth - with prospects to expand operations and increase profits, it's hardly surprising it's on so many people's agendas.

However, as your business expands it is essential to consider how your current cash flow regime will react.

Processes you have in place at present might no longer be up to the task once your company starts to expand, which is why it is so important to seek a flexible solution.

Forecasting cash flow

One way of determining what your future cash flow needs are likely to be is by carrying out extensive forecasts.

While these are unlikely to be entirely accurate, they will give you a sense of where your business is going and what needs to be done to ensure a reliable income.

Bear in mind that the decision to upscale your business will mean you need to increase your budget. More staff, machinery and bigger premises are just some of the costs you will need to meet.

Reducing costs

With the prospect of higher costs is likely to come the desire to reduce spending wherever necessary, which means you need a sound overview of your business finance.

It might be sensible to think about renting certain machinery, equipment or any other hardware that is critical to your new business environment until you are able to pay for it outright.

Reducing overheads is another wise move - perhaps cut down on corporate travel while you get revised systems in place.

Chasing up debts

One pitfall that many small businesses face when trying to manage their cash flow is missed payments.

Scaling up your business won't eradicate this problem and in many cases you might find non-payment even more of a frustration than before.

Putting a solution in place is one way of ensuring debts don't mount up. Debtor finance can streamline your cash flow and eradicate some of the stresses associated with business management.

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