Consumer confidence sees post-budget gains

June 5th, 2014

Customer confidence is on the up

Consumers are finally starting to feel confident about what the future has in store, as the ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence index has posted its first gain in six weeks.

During the week ending June 1, the index experienced a rise of 2.9 per cent, which was largely down to people's perceptions of what the economy will be like over the next 12 months.

There was nevertheless a fall in how consumers believe their finances stack up compared to a year ago, which declined 3.1 per cent over the week in question.

Justin Fabo, head of commercial and corporate Australian economics at Roy Morgan Research, said the results need to be considered in their wider context.

He continued: "While confidence is still down a sharp 12 per cent from six weeks ago, the modest bounce back in confidence last week is a tentative, positive sign.

"Given the extent of deterioration seen recently, developments in consumer confidence over the next few weeks will be watched closely for any early indications of the likely outlook for consumer spending."

The index is still 15 per cent lower than the most recent peak seen three months ago and there is widespread concern this could lead to softening in consumer spending.

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