4 easy ways to improve office morale

July 29th, 2014


 Boosting office morale is actually easier than you think.


All good small business owners know that happy and engaged employees are key to success - and boosting company morale is the best way to keep a smile on their dials.

Many business owners tend to overthink the issue, however, assuming that expensive, formal morale-increasing initiatives are required to make everyone happy. Sending positive vibes throughout your workforce doesn't actually have to cost a fortune or require much effort - as these four simple ways to boost morale demonstrate.

1. Let them know!

Has a particular employee or the whole team produced an outstanding piece of work? Don't skimp on the praise and make sure you show your appreciation. Even the simplest words of recognition and encouragement can go a long way in keeping your workers smiling.

2. Provide training opportunities

Career development and growth are among the highest priorities for the most serious employees, so make sure this need is being filled.

According to a recent survey from Greythorn, IT job seekers in Australia ranked training as the second most important employee benefit. By providing regular opportunities to grow and upskill within the company, you can let your staff know you care about their development.

3. Organise bonding sessions

As your small business grows and inevitably takes on more employees, it can be difficult to keep everyone united and on the same page.

Organising opportunities - both formal and informal - to get together and bond can maintain and strengthen the relationship your staff have with each other and with the organisation. From morning huddles to team lunches to recognising achievements, you can really get creative here.

4. Don't stick to the routine

One of the quickest ways to get your workers bored and disillusioned is sticking to the same schedule, day after day and week after week.

Change up the routine every now and then to offer a fresh new direction and even give your staff a nice surprise. You could have a 'fun' Monday at the start of each month to get them pumped, for example, or organise a day out to help the community in some way.

Wishing you all the best for your week in business.

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