3 business expenses you need to review

October 22nd, 2014

Business growth and cash flow are both improving for Australian firms.


When it comes to balancing the books of a small business, many owners will look at ways to increase their revenue and improve their cash flow.

While this is an area that many companies need to improve on, it is also important to address your outgoings. After all, there is only so much an organisation can do to increase revenue, without also considering the impact of outgoings on their business finance.

To help, here are three areas where company expenses can be reviewed in order to build a stronger business.

Office expenses

Some of a company's biggest costs will come from ongoing bills, like electricity and office equipment. While this is essential for a business's operation, there is still room to save money here.

Often organisations can save money by shopping around for the best offer for electricity and other essentials. Taking the time to regularly review your ongoing needs can ensure your firm remains profitable.

Excessive bulk ordering

It's always tempting to buy office pens and business cards in batches of 10,000, with most companies offering significant discounts for bulk orders.

While this can feel like you are saving money, the reality is that these orders will rarely be used in a business's lifetime and are likely to be thrown out next time you move. Any unused stock is therefore going to be a burden to your operations and quickly dissolve any savings from ordering in bulk.

Ensuring that you keep orders realistic, especially for slow-moving items, will ensure that you don't fall into the trap of over-ordering on equipment.

Downsize where possible

Some of a businesses biggest expenses will be from areas like office space that are essential, but can also be a big expense if they remain unfilled. The same can occur if your business goes through a restructuring or has an irregular flow of work - you may have greater capacity than you need.

Moving to a smaller office space is just one of the ways companies can downsize their expenses. While moving is always stressful, businesses can also enjoy significant savings on their operations by taking this route.

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