2 technology investments to boost your SME

February 23rd, 2016

2016 is the year that your SME can benefit from debtor finance on the back of some impressive technological advancements. Whether you need transport finance, or money specifically for a certain investment, taking steps to improve your immediate cash flow is going to allow your company to make the most of the futuristic technology we already have access to.

Here are two of the ways that your company could use its available cash by investing in technology:

Cloud computing is here

Cloud computing ensures that your files are safe and secure, while also not cluttering your office space.

Overhead costs are set to drop as more and more businesses turn to cloud software for their company-wide documentation, as well as storage of files. Services such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox are among the most popular, and more are popping up from all over the world.

"Companies of every size are now deploying new applications to the cloud by default, and looking to migrate as many of their existing applications as they can as quickly as possible". said Amazon Web Services head of architecture in Australia and New Zealand Rodney Haywood.

Cloud computing services offer a cheap and environmentally friendly way to keep record of your important files, without taking up the physical space that large, clunky filing cabinets and boxes do. They also offer more space than the average business needs, at a cheaper rate than physical storage. They operate on a subscription service for the most part, so you only have to worry about payment once a year. You can be confident that your files are safe and secure, while also being free from cluttered office space and external warehouses for serious storage problems. Dropbox Pro, for example, costs as little as US$9.99 a month for 1 TB of space.

Digital security stepping into the spotlight

Alongside the advances in cloud computing, files stored on your own computers or mobile devices can be at risk. Cloud computing sites offer protection from hackers and destructive viruses, but your own hard drive or email system does not.

Antivirus software should be at the top of your investment list after taking out invoice finance.Anti-virus software should be at the top of your investment list after taking out invoice finance.

2016 should be the year that you ensure your company is protected from both the inside and out, by investing in education and products that heighten the level of your digital security. Anti-virus clients and web scanners are important tools to make sure that your systems cannot be infected and put at risk. According to the Veda 2015 Cybercrime and Fraud Report, 25 per cent of Australians have been a victim of identity theft.

A major area that people are targeted by hackers is through phishing. Emails from unknown senders can be disguised to look like a trusted website or organisation, and a scam is devised that can entice users to click a link in the message. From the link, often personal details are requested and if given, can be used and sold all around the world.

Education about what types of threats are out there is another great way to help your company to stay safe in the digital world, but that does require working capital so that experts can give the advice in seminars.

Staying safe online in Australia is vital. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested four people in Sydney in December last year who were in possession of computers and mobile phones that were being used to create very realistic but fraudulent drivers' licences to be used for future crimes.

Identity crimes do not just occur overseas, and businesses in Australia should be aware of how they could be affected on home soil.

By taking out invoice finance, your company will have the working capital necessary to invest in these technological advancements that could put your company ahead of any competitors. 

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