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Aussie businesses we've supported

New venture? No worries

Earlypay’s business line of credit can support businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our client is a commercial painting business that has only been operating for 3 months. They have been winning new contracts, but typical payments are over 30 days from invoice, so the business has been struggling with working capital.

Earlypay provided a $100K line of credit facility backed by their outstanding invoices without the need for real estate security and the business now has the working capital to meet their payment obligations and take on new opportunities.

Helping a family fund their growing electrical business

A family run electrical business in Queensland was growing but staying on top of cash flow was becoming a challenge.

Earlypay provided a $200K line of credit facility backed by their outstanding invoices and the business now has the working capital and flexibility to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Our facility also included collections management services so the family can focus on running their business, knowing that their invoice collections are under control.

Helping a professional services business refinance their existing Invoice Finance facility

Rod values invoice financing as a way to boost cash flow and has been using it successfully for years. But as the busy owner of a growing business, he grew tired of the poor customer service and admin required by his existing financier and was looking for a better alternative.

As a Xero user that sells on credit terms to other businesses, Rod linked to Earlypay and was quickly approved for funding. He will now benefit from an ongoing line of credit with less admin, so he can focus on growing his business.

Helping ease the cash flow pressure

Glenn is a commercial cleaning contractor that suffers from long payment terms with his customers but has staff to pay each week.

To help close the cash flow gap, we provided Glenn with a $50k business line-of-credit backed by his outstanding invoices. And because Glenn linked his QuickBooks Online to Earlypay, he can access funds quickly and simply using our online platform.

Helping a commercial cleaning business grow

Jasmine runs a commercial cleaning business. Her business is growing but suffers from long payment terms with her clients.

To help close this cash flow gap, we provided Jasmine with a $100k line of credit backed by her outstanding invoices.

The facility now supports her business growth & provides a consistent buffer in available working capital to pay wages & other expenses.

How Finance helped this clothing wholesaler

A relatively young business that has only been trading for around 18 months. The business provides quality corporate workwear and PPE to customers across Australia. 

They were growing but a large proportion of their cash flow was tied up in inventory and outstanding customer invoices. As a result, there was a shortage of working capital, which impacted their ability to maintain necessary stock levels to meet customer demand.

Earlypay provided the client with a $50k line of credit facility, which leveraged their unpaid debtor book to give them access to the cash flow needed to purchase stock and meet customer demand.

Steel supplier gets Full-Service Invoice Financing

Our client has a business supplying rebars and labour to install the steel prior to the concrete pour.

Working with the leading building companies nationally, the business has a range of suppliers. Whilst good for business, this does also mean that there are some challenges in handling accounts payable and receivables. With a current arrangement through their local accountant, the business owner could see this was not scalable.

A full-service facility was recommended to enable accounts and collections to be provided as a service helping as the business expands. This business now has a facility in place and is looking continue to expand with new opportunities and secure lines of credit.

Finance for Civil Construction Industry

Andy runs a civil construction business. His business had recently won a new contract & needed funding to help with cash flow & capitalise on the opportunity.

With a $350k business line of credit in place, Andy can release working capital tied up in his unpaid invoices and have the cash flow & peace of mind of being able to service the contract & pursue future opportunities.

Working capital for growth

A family-owned baking goods wholesaler originating in 1860 has historically been self-funded via the director. They supply baking goods, pastry and cake decorating items catering to various bakeries cafes across the Victorian region.

In the time of rapid growth and increased demand, an opportunity to grow the product lines presented itself to the company. The business had no working capital facilities in place so they realised that to grow they will have to look beyond self-funding.  

With a $500k Debtor Finance facility in place, they can release the cash flow tied up in their outstanding invoices and now have the working capital to expand their product lines and grow.

Helping a business recover from the impact of COVID-19 and bounce back

This business provides commercial transport and postal services and was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they had to reduce their staff. 

Earlypay supported them with a $120k business line of credit facility. Our line of credit allows them to release the capital tied up in their unpaid invoices, helping them to cover their costs and keep their business moving.

With business picking up again, our finance facility will ensure they can access the cash flow they need on their road to recovery to meet their growth ambitions this year.

Cash flow solution for a Plumbing and Gas Business

Good plumbing is always in demand. How do you find cash flow to take on new contracts?

A plumbing and gas business in Perth, has been helping local business by providing a range of services. These include gas installations, water and waste management, drainage and kitchen plumbing.

They have been looking to increase their workforce and maintenance work, requiring a tailored cash flow solution to assist them.

Upon referral from a broker, Earlypay provided an Invoice Finance facility, which leveraged their unpaid debtor book to give them access to the cash flow required to pursue their plans.

NSW Transport Business – Driving to success

We’ve been able to support this Transport and Logistics business with a $1.5 million Debtor Finance facility.

When changes in their industry resulted in unexpected growth, they found themselves in a position where their current working capital solutions weren’t enough to support their cash flow.

Their broker introduced them to Earlypay’s Debtor Finance solution that was able to provide the access to more funds and bring their statutory requirements under control.

Their new facility now gives them the flexibility to continue to grow with the peace of mind that they will always have access to cash when they need it.

Invoice Finance Solution for a Sporting Goods Manufacturer

Recently, a manufacturer of sporting goods identified that they had a cash flow issue and needed assistance with funding to pay their suppliers.

They have around 200 retailers around Australia, and the terms of payment vary on average, the retailers pay at 65 days from the date of invoice. However, they have outgoings such as wages and paying suppliers for components needed to produce the finished goods.

The solution Earlypay presented to them was to advance 85% of the debtor invoices at the time of invoices being issued to the retailers. These funds enabled them to not only pay the suppliers on time — which secured continuing discounts for on time payments but also allowed for the company to continue to grow.

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