Do you have ATO tax debt? We can help you improve your cash flow, stay on top of your debt and grow. Find out how!

Are You Prepared for the ATO’s Crack Down on Debt?

The ATO has commenced active collection of tax debts, and this time they mean business.

Many business owners are now being chased by the Australian Taxation Office for tax debts that were deferred during the peak of COVID-19. It is essential to get on the front foot and work with the ATO to avoid harsh penalties for overdue or unreported tax obligations.

Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling to come up with the cash flow to meet these obligations — but there is help available.

Check out our resources to learn how you can manage your cash flow needs to effectively repay your tax debt.


Learn how to manage your ATO tax debt in our webinar

We recently hosted a webinar regarding the pressure the ATO are putting on businesses as they move into active collection of tax debt. We were joined by tax debt negotiation specialist Olga Koskie from Tax Assure, who provided valuable insights into the many options available for businesses overcome by debt.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • Pressures the ATO are putting on businesses.
  • How SMEs can negotiate and deal with tax debt.
  • Solutions to getting tax and business debt under control.
  • Answers to tax debt questions from everyday business owners.
  • How an Australian business turned their situation around after a significant tax debt.

If you would like more information about how Earlypay can help you get on top of tax debt, please reach out.

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